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Christos Papoutsis Print E-mail

Christos Papoutsis is Member of the Hellenic Parliament, Deputy of Athens (2000 - present).

He has served as:

- Secretary of PASOK Parliamentary Group (2009- 2010)
- PASOK Parliamentary Spokesman (2007-2010)
- Vice-President of the Standing Parliamentary Committee on European Affairs of the Hellenic Parliament (2004- 2009)
- Minister of Mercantile Marine (2000-2001)
- Member of the European Commission (1995- 19 99), responsible for Energy Policy and EURATOM Supply Agency, Enterprises Policy, Commerce, Tourism and Social Economy

He was candidate Mayor of Athens at the Municipal Elections of October 2002 and Head of Opposition in the Municipal Council of Athens (2002-2006)

He was elected:

- Member of the European Parliament (1984- 19 95)
- Member of the Inter-parliamentary delegation E.P.-USA Congress (1989-95)
- Member of the Bureau of the Party of European Socialists (1989- 1995)
- Vice-President of the PES Parliamentary Group (1987- 1995)
- Member of the Central Committee of PASOK from 1977 and repeatedly elected member of the Executive Bureau and of the Political Council of PASOK
- International Relations Secretary of PASOK and Representative of PASOK at the Socialist International (1988-94)
- President of the Greek National Union of Students (1978- 1980);
- Deputy Secretary of PASOK Youth (1976- 1980)

Honours and Awards:

- Highest Mark of Distinction by the President of the Republic of Chile, the Gran Official of the Orden Libertador Bernando O'Higgins for his contribution to the restoration of democracy in Chile (15/04/1998)
- Highest Mark of Distinction, with Cross, by the President of the Republic of Austria for his contribution to the accession of Austria to the European Union, (18/05/1995)

He was born in 1953. Economist. He is married to Lia Taliouri and they have a daughter, Melina - Zoe.

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